Family Counseling Centre

At DES SNFLC we believe that " if there is a problem, there is a way out". The lawyers from the college are dedicatedly bent on doing right for the society and are taught the same values throughout the years. They believe in saving relations and preserving bonds with a rational and practical thought process.

In the academic year, 2022-2023, "सहजीवन" - DES SNFLC Family Counselling Centre is started.

Dr. Aishwarya Yadav, Director of centre, pays special attention to every case which comes to the centre. Adv. Sandip Maahle is appointed as counsellor at the centre of DESSNFLC.

Their dedication and determination has resulted in giving families a very stable and logical way to preserve the stability in the homes.

The family councelling centre of DES SNFLC narrows down its lens to focus on the idea of 'letting people light their candles in your knowledge'. This councelling centre was engineered keeping in mind the ones who are deprived of legal knowledge and providing them the necessary needs regarding the same. The FCC of DES SNFLC accumalates its concentration on family issues, social awareness, changing times, etc. A family is what makes a house, a HOME, to keep such homes intact the FCC conducts special disquisitions on concerns like family quarells, understanding homes, comfort or solution, cohabitation, etc.