Seminars, Workshops and Guest lectures 2012-13

Seminar on “Human Rights in India: Challenges and Prospective in Globalised World.”

  • Shri. Neeraj Jain
  • Prof.Dr. G. Hargopal

Seminar- “Panel discussion on Assam : The Truth Behind”

  • Brig.(Retd.) Hemant Mahajan
  • Shri. Ashish Bhave
  • Adv. Dr.Arun Borethakur

Workshop on “Analysis of Bill”

Adv. Vandana Chavan(Member of Parliament)

Topic for Bill Analysis:

  • Whistle Blowers Protection Bill done by Annunay Sahay, Palak Pathak and Geet Ahuja
  • Judicial Accountability Bill by Nidhi Tiwari, Akash Sing and Akshay Kulkarni
  • Marriage Law(Amendment) Bill by Arushi Gupta and Anurag Mishra

Two day National Seminar on “ rape after Rape”

  • Hon’ble Justice Ashok Kumar Ganguly (Former Supreme Court Judge)
  • Dr.Neha Pate (Psychologist and therapist )
  • Dr. Anuradha Sahasrabudde (Founder and Executive Director Dyandevi Member, Juvenile Justice Board Pune)
  • Smt Meenakshi Apate (Founder Swadhar, former HOD, TISS)
  • MS. Shamina Shafiq(Member, National Commission for women)

Guest Lecture on:-Life and Philosophy of Shri. Vivekanand for Celebration of Youth Day

  • Shri. Vishwas Lapalkar

Seminar on Crime Against Women

  • Mr. J. F. Rebeiro
  • Hon’ble Justice Mr. R.M. Bapat
  • Mr.Gulabrao Pol
  • Mrs.Sunanda Mehta
  • Mrs.KrantiAgnihotri
  • Shri. S.C. Nagpal

Guest Lecture on Introduction to Law of Evidence

  • Adv. K. M. Irani

Guest Lecture on PIL and Judicial Activism

  • Adv. Shrihari Aane

Guest Lecture on Election without Corruption and PIL

  • Justice Shri. B.N. Shrikrishna