Seminars, Workshops and Guest lectures 2013-14

Guest Lecture Youth Day Celebration

  • Shri. Jayant Sahastrabuddhe

Guest Lecture on Parliamentary Democracy in India

  • Shri. Ulhas Bapat

Guest Lecture on Reservation Policies in India

  • Adv. Shreehari Aane

Seminar on Changing Deminsion of Electoral Rights

  • Prof.Dr. D. S. Ukey
  • Prof.Dr. T. S. N. Sastry
  • Shri. Prasad Kulkarni
  • Dr. B.S. Waghmare

Guest Lecture on Client Counseling and Interviewing Techniques

  • Adv. Abhijeet Hartalkar

Guest Lecture on Know your North-East

  • Smt. Madhuri Sahatrabudhhe

Guest Lecture on Pre-trial preparation on Civil Side

  • Adv. Pramod Bendre

Guest Lecture on Pre-trial preparation on Criminal Side

  • Dr. H.P. Deshmukh

Guest Lecture on Basic Aspects of International Humanitarian Law

  • Prof.Dr. T.S.N. Sastry

Guest Lecture on “ Law practice and Human Behaviour” in association with Cooperative law Practitioner

  • Adv. Bhimrao Naik