Library Report 2018-19

“Law is a science, and... all the available materials of that science are contained in printed books.... The library is the proper workshop of professors and students alike;... it is to us all that the laboratories of the university are to the chemists and physicists, the museum of natural history to the zoologists, the botanical garden to the botanists.” ― Christopher C. Langdell (American Jurist)

Law libraries have long been appreciated as essential institutional assets as they are an indispensible partner with the law institute in preparing competent lawyers and advancing legal research.

With the objective of supporting teaching and research needs of faculty, students and legal researchers DES Shri Navalmal Firodia Law College library provides access to updated legal information resources to its users. The library is situated in the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. The Library continues to be an essential component of the institutes’ outstanding activities like legal research, moot court and education mission. The support of our management and teaching staff made the library a most lively place on the campus providing a comfortable and friendly environment that enables learning and advancement of knowledge.

All the housekeeping activities of the library are automated with ‘AutoLib’ of Akash Infotech, Pune. The library has adopted the Dewey decimal classification system (19th Edition) for classifying the books and AACR –II system for cataloguing.

I. Resources

  • a) Print Collection:
    The library has a collection more than 18,000 print volumes. The print collection includes texts books, commentaries, Bare Acts, research reports, law reports and back volumes of periodicals etc. All subjects related to the University’s syllabus have been included in the collection. The library provides in addition to the professional reading, a good amount of leisure reading and books for soft skills development.
  • b) Periodicals:
    The periodicals section is vital source for academic research and up-to-date information on related subjects and for latest judgments of various courts. DES SNFLC library provides a good compilation of Law Reports, National and International Journals. Library subscribes to 19 Law Reports, 15 International Journals and 17 National Journals and 18 General Magazines.
  • c) E-Resources:
    To quench the thirst of the tech savvy modern users the library has built an electronic collection:-

    i. WestLaw: Westlaw database is an online legal portal it provides the full text of Caselaws, Legislations and Legal Articles from many countries such as US, UK, EU, Austra lia, Canada and Singapore. It is one of the most comprehensive databases. Its Westlaw India version launched, recently, also provides coverage to the Indian Legal Literature.

    ii. AIR Online: It gives access to all the Supreme Court and High Court Judgments, AIR journals from 2007-2017 through the AIR website.

    iii. SCC Online Web Edition: The SCC OnLine® Web Edition has an extensive database of Indian law, statute law and other material, with a high performance search engine.

    iv. Manupatra: A comprehensive Indian Legal Database covering Supreme Court and other High Courts, tribunal’s judgments including acts, rules, commission and committee repots etc. is a part of the library online collection.

    v. The Law – Super: is an electronic database of Indian Laws on CD-ROM. The Laws includes Acts along with its Rules, Regulations, Orders, Forms, Schemes, etc. and also covering Judgments delivered by Hon’ble various Courts of India including Supreme Court of India, All India High Courts.

    vi. AIR Privy Council (1900-1950): Library has subscribed to Privy Council

    vii. AIR InfoTech: Library subscribes to all three version of AIR InfoTech.
    a. AIR Supreme Court : 1950 – 2018
    b. AIR High Court : 1975 – 2018
    c. Criminal Law Journal : 1975 – 2018

    viii. JILI Online (1958 – 2009): Digitized version of Journal of Indian Law Institute since its inception covering legal articles.

    ix. Digitized version of Annual Survey of Indian Law (1965 – 2008): It is one of the prestigious publications of the Institute brought out every year as a collaborative effort of the leading academics in the country. The developments that take place in major areas of laws such as Constitutional law, Administrative Law, Criminal Procedure etc. etc. are captured and adequately analysed in this work.

    x. N-LIST: The Project entitled "National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST)", provides access to e-resources to students, researchers and faculty of colleges.

    xi. DELNET: DES’s NFLC is part of DELNET, which is devoted to the modernization and networking of libraries.

II. Library Working Hours:

  • Library Timings: 8.00 a.m. to 6. 00 p.m. on all working days
  • Library hours are extended before and during the examination period.

III. Circulation Policy:

Circulation Section handles the Front Desk operations of the library and is very important because it is the first contact point for library personnel and users to the library. Being a student oriented academic library the DES SNFLC Law Library provides the circulation function i.e. issue / return of books to all the bonafide members of the library. The entire book collection of the Library is barcoded.

The library maintains a special collection of textbooks pertaining to the subject areas covered under the syllabus.

The circulation is done on daily basis on all working days from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Every student is issued two textbook and one general reading book for the period of 15 days.

System of Lending

  • Books issue/return daily
  • Two books are issued per student for a week.
  • 15 Books are issued to each Teaching faculty

IV. Facilities

  • Library is having open access system
  • Library offers individualized reading space with table lamps in the reading room between 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Library hours are extended before and during the examination period.
  • Apart from the law books collection library is having General books section for the recreational reading and for developing overall personality of students.
  • Computer Lab:
    Computer with internet facility is accessed by faculty and student community. Separate cabin in the library for faculty helps the faculty to do their research. Computer lab is made available for student fraternity for their legal research.
  • For users help the web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is accessible from any terminal in and out of the campus. It is designed to provide online information on availability of titles, allow the patrons to request for items that are on loan, renewal of books, access to patron accounts and other information services.