In the end, what makes a book valuable is not the paper it’s printed on, but the thousands of hours of work by dozens of people who are dedicated to creating the best possible reading experience for you.

Success of Every work is depending on the planning, efforts of motivated team. The said work cannot be completed in overnight. I was so fortunate to have dedicated editorial team; I extend my sincere thanks to entire editorial board especially Ms. Aishwarya Singh, Ms. Gaytri Kulkarni, Ms. Meghana Dighe, Mr. Ameya Chaudhary and Mr. Smarat Jabhulakar being backbone of the team.

The process for the selection of Magazine Editorial Board is conducting the interview of the interested students for the purpose of knowing their area of Interest. In the same way, this year also the interviews of the interested students were conducted in the month of August 2017.In total 20 applications were received out of which 11 members were selected.

Thereafter, the main task of the Editorial Board was to decide the main theme for this year’s Swa-DES. It was decided by the members and Asst. Prof. Aishwarya Kadam, the faculty in-charge to invite ideas for the themes from the students of the college and accordingly a suggestion chart was put up on the Notice Board.

The students gave various interesting themes like “Feminism: Myth or Realty”, “Youth Goals 2030” etc. Amongst them the Editorial Board finalized the main theme for this year as “Youth for Sustainable Development” and it was only the Editorial Board who suggested that we should have sub-themes as well for the magazine and accordingly the sub-themes for the magazine were finalized.

Apart from the stereotypical work of the Editorial Board, this year we proposed new plans for including certain new things in the magazine. Also, this year we decided that we should have structured faculty reports for each and every department which the college has. Accordingly, with the suggestion of the Editorial Board the format was finalized.

It was decided unanimously to include new members in the Board and accordingly 4 members were included in the Editorial Board.

Now, came the main task of allotting/distributing the work to Editorial Board members and accordingly the work was distributed in the following manner

Sr. No Work Assigned Student In-charge
1 Writing of Editorial Aishwarya Singh & Gayatri Kulkarni
2 Collection of Reports of Committee Samrat Jambhulkar & Aishwarya Singh
3 Collection of University Merit Holder Samrat Jambhulkar from the office
4 Collection of Quotes Nidhi Ranka
5 Collection of Alumni Articles Aishwarya Singh
6 Collection of Photographs Ameya Chaudhari & Neha Tawde
7 Gatefold Sindu Yadav
8 Compilation of the Articles and Preparation of Index Chirag Dave & Meghana Dighe
9 Collection of Articles from the Students Swati Kshirsagar, Priyanka Deoke, Shashank Sardesai, Siddharth Kaushik, PradnyaKamble, Devanshi Burande, Vishakha Paturkar.

Accordingly, all the Editorial Board members have done their bit and helped make this magazine a huge success.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Anagha Baldota being a co-in charge of Magazine Committee converted the same into hard bound.

Asst. Prof. Aishwarya Kadam