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Mentorship programme

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One good mentor can be more informative than formal education and more valuable than a decade’s experience. Considering this importance of mentors, our college started a Mentorship Programme since 2012. A college requires best studying environment which is possible not only with co-operation between students and staff but also amongst junior and senior Students.

Following are the main aims of Mentorship Programme:
  • To provide support and help to juniors.
  • To built healthy relation between junior and senior and thus to reduce gap between them.
  • Briefing them about the activities of the college and thereby encouraging them to participate.
  • To provide necessary guidance for examination.
  • Guiding them for the issues like accommodation, conveyance, food, etc.
  • Suggesting and clarifying their doubts relating to career, diplomas, seminars and internships.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience with juniors.
  • To bring to their knowledge importance of moot court competitions, NSS, research projects, seminars and guest lecture
  • Organizing Guest Lectures, Counseling sessions for fresher’s.

Mentors conduct informal meetings twice a month and had one-to-one open sessions with the students from 1st B.A.LL.B. Students clarifies many doubts relating to exams, book, internship opportunities, NSS, moots, sports, etc. Mentors lend a helping hand and enhance confidence, to take up challenges and projects.