Objectives of the Practice

  • To create a framework that outlines specific, measurable outcomes.
  • To provide an opportunity for education based on predefined learning outcomes for advancement.
  • To provide training to teachers on preparation of teaching plan incorporating the values of outcome based learning.
  • To guide teachers on student centric teaching learning methodology like case study analysis, discussion, role play, quiz etc.

The Context

Teachers are equipped with the methods to be followed for inculcating outcome based education in day today teaching. Teachers have prepared teaching plans accordingly to achieve the goals of outcome based education and implemented successfully during the teaching learning process. Teaching learning process become more student centric through OBE.

The Practice

Workshop on outcome based education was organized on 30th January 2021, the resource person was Dr. Shriram Nerlekar, renowned academician, for teachers to improve the equality of teaching learning process.

Evidence of Success.

Teaching plans are prepared for implementing outcome based education policy and teachers incorporated the various methods like seminar, GD, Role play to implement outcome based education

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Curriculum and evaluation methods are provided by the parent university hence teaching plans were prepared accordingly. There was limited flexibility for the continuous evaluation as per OBE requirements due to university prescribed curriculum and evaluation pattern