Dr. Sharad Kunte

Chairman, Governing Body & Council, Deccan Education Society, Pune

We are witnessing social transformation which is rapid, deep and complex, wherein one of the challenging task is to provide a transparent system of governance to such a complex society. One of the few basic ingredients of any modern and forward looking society is a strong legal system. In recent times, there is lot of debate going in the academic and business world about the regulatory and legal framework necessary for transparency of public procurement and need for curtailing the corruption. A strong legal system needs enlightened legal minds to support it. The Deccan Education Society always remained alert to the changing needs f the larger social set up for which and within which it functioned, it decided to participate in this process by establishing a Law College in 2004 with a view to impart education in law and to cultivate committed professionals. DES‘s SNFLC having distinct advantage of having unique heritage of DES, it has always fiercely guarded and cherished it for last 10 years by following the same tradition.

DES‘s SNFLC is aware about the developments and the implications of globalization, privatization and liberalization in the field of education. Keeping all this in mind and to carry forward the century old tradition, DES‘s SNFLC is providing quality education at affordable prices to encourage meritorious students from all sections of society to participate and to develop into legal professionals who are held high in esteem, because of their values and legal acumen to serve the society. Young new entrants, who will join this institute, become the pillars of our business world and uphold the rule of law to create a just and inclusive society.

The recognition of what our DES‘s SNFLC is doing came in, when Retd. Chief Justice of India and sitting Judges of Supreme Court came together to grace National Seminar on "Fiat Justicia- A Study of Judicial Dissent in the Supreme Court " organized by our college in the Fergusson‘s famous Amphitheatre in Feb.2011. DES‘s SNFLC being aware about its social responsibility always tried to create healthy debate about the issues that are affecting our society today and tomorrow. Seminar on "Rage after the Rape-Analysis of Rape Laws in India" is an example of our commitment to social involvement and many more such events. DES‘s SNFLC for the last decade is imparting quality education with the mission in mind to encourage the students and their overall developments with its active participation and hosting various prominent activities of social concerns. Today we have become one of the pioneer institutions in the discipline of legal education in just 10 years of its establishment. We give the students support and encouragement they need to reach their full potential. Nevertheless, the concept of excellence is a never-ending process in this age of tough competition and globalization; hence we cannot afford to be complacent.

With best wishes to all incoming students of this year‘s batch.

Shri Vikas Kakatkar

Vice-Chairman Governing Body & Council, DES & Chairman CDC, DES SNFLC

For the healthy development of the society, particularly in the nation building of India, legal connoisseurs plays a vital role in shaping the country as many of the legal personnel get into the fields of politics, business, economics, managements, judiciary and the like.

Having served for more than 125 glorious years in the field education, DES has incorporated legal education as part of its service to the nation in 2004. For last 10 years DES‘s SNFLC has recognized the youthful energies and aspirations with which every young mind walks into a Law College. We at DES‘s SNFLC aspire to orient that energy and give it a valid purpose. The ultimate purpose is to find the most ideal form of social structure where in the precarious balance between order, justice and truth is achieved and maintained. The fertile soil for intellectual development in DES‘s SNFLC thus invites deserving and enthusiastic minds to come and cultivate themselves into committed professionals and self actualizing individuals.

The conventional realm of legal practice is now a history. Law as a career is expanding its frontiers virtually by leaps and bounds. Plenty of opportunities, in diverse walks of human life await students passing out from educational institutions providing legal education. However, developing the intellectual flexibility to mould oneself according to the needs of super specialized scenario is not a common occurrence. This faculty of mind needs careful nurturing and conscious effort. I believe that our institution imparts legal education with a clear understanding of inculcating these intellectual flexibilities into our students, and this facet alone is enough to set us apart from the rest in the field.

Keeping pace with social change and answering responsibly all the demands of complex and intricate legal set-up DES‘s SNFLC has completed its 10th year. We are proud of being part of glorious and historical DES and are committed towards the fulfillment of goals set by our forefathers.

DES‘s SNFLC believes in Education as the way of revolution and ultimate development. We strive for inculcating values, character building along with making professionals, contributing in the legal fraternity. Our enthusiastic and talented teachers have a commitment to mould the young minds by giving them Law Insight. The library of the college is well equipped with all the latest legal resources to meet the requirements of the student community. The office staff of the college also works efficiently to provide all required services.

We at DES‘s SNFLC continually seek and adopt new methods to enhance the quality of legal education. All the programmes at Diploma, Graduation and Post Graduation level are so professionally followed that the students gain sound knowledge of theory and hands on experience making them both competent and confident to meet the challenges in the dynamic field of law. It is designed to comprehensively equip the students to face the present day challenges with alacrity and gumption, by laying the foundation of conceptual and analytical reasoning, giving the students an insight into the dynamics of the corporate world.

Experienced and learned teachers are the strong pillars of every institution. DES‘s NFLC provides the necessary infrastructure and a team of qualified motivated faculty for the student‘s community. We have created an excellent educational atmosphere. The high standards set in the field of teaching and research spurs us in our relentless pursuit for excellence, we also encourage sports and extra-curricular activities among the students for their overall development by offering various facilities.

I assure the aspiring students that learning law with us will be highly enriching and, practically fruitful experience that they would relish for the rest of their professional lives. I welcome all the students with best wishes for their future endeavour.

I warmly welcome the young and aspiring students to be a part of DES‘s SNFLC family for learning and becoming successful as good lawyers and worthy citizens.

Adv. Kiran Kothadiya

Chairman, Advisory Committee, DES SNFLC

The responsibility towards the community is shared by every profession, and good professionals are molded only out of good educational institution. Hence choosing a good institution thus becomes pivotal for excelling in profession.

Student shall use the college life meaningfully and creatively more so as it plays a significant role in shaping one‘s career. Keeping this in mind, DES‘s SNFLC for last ten years has always strived for an all-round development of students, by helping them to develop their potential. DES‘s SNFLC aims to provide sufficient opportunities to each student, to explore his talent and armed the students to overcome challenges which they may face in this era of Globalization, Liberalization and Privatization. For last decade we tried to groom, nourish and nurture our students in such a way that they are fully equipped to meet the global demands.

We strive to give professional education a new perspective and achieve perfection in all spheres, with object of imparting academics through pragmatic approaches so as to ensure a perfect blending of theory and practice. There is a perfect blending of co-curricular activities like sports, cultural and literary with the academics so that the students avail the best of the opportunities, to explore their hidden talent present in them, with the help and under the guidance of the well determined and motivated faculty, who always extend their continuous support and endeavor to strive for the excellence.

On behalf of the advisory committee, I am glad to greet and welcome all the students who are aspirants to join the DES‘s SNFLC family and be the part of it. I am sure that the ambiance, staff, library and the activities present would surely help the student to explore and shape their future.


Governing Body Members

Dr. Sharad Kunte - Chairman

Shri. Vikas Kakatkar - Vice-Chairman

Shri. Kiran Shaligram - Member

Shri. Mahesh Athavale - Member

Shri. Ram Nimbalkar - Member

Dr. Ravindrasinh Pardeshi - Member

Shri. Anand Bhide - Secretary, DES

College Development Committee Members

Shri. Vikas Kakatkar - Chairman

Dr. Ravindrasinh Pardeshi - Nominee of Management

Asst. Prof . Priya Dhanokar - HOD of Department

Dr. Sukdeo Ingale - Representative of Teaching Staff

Dr. Pratapsinh Salunke - Representative of Teaching Staff

Dr. Madhushree Joshi - Representative of Teaching Staff

Shri. Vikas Jadhav - Representative of Non-Teaching Staff

Adv. Kiran Kothadiya - Local Member

Adv. Bhalchandra Phatak - Local Member

Shri. Shrikant Bapat - Local Member

Shri. Prem Nair - Local Member

Dr. Sukdeo Ingale - IQAC Coordinator

Mr. Samrat Jambhulkar - Secretary of Student Council

Dr. Rohini Honap - Member - Secretary

Shri K. D. Shaligram - Invitee

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Shri R. U. Nimbalkar - Invitee

Shri D. A. Kulkarni - Invitee

Dr. V. V. Acharya - Invitee

Advisory Committee Members

Adv. Kiran Kothadiya - Chairman

Adv. K.M. Dhakephalkar, (Retd. District Judge) - Member

Shri. Shrikantji Bapat - Member

Adv. Kersap Irani - Member

Adv. P.T. Dighe - Member

Shri. Vikas Kakatkar - Member

Dr. Shrikrishna Kanetkar - Member

Dr. Ravindrasinh Pardeshi - Member

Prin. Dr. Rohini Honap - Secretary

Shri. Bhupal Patwardhan - Special Invitee

Prof. Harish Deshmukh - Special Invitee