Dr. Rohini Honap

Principal, DES SNFLC

D.E.S. Shri Navlamal Firodia Law College established in the year 2004, under the unique heritage of Deccan Education Society, seeks to be represented as a centre for holistic Legal Studies.

With a revolutionary vision, we strive to impart legal education, keeping in mind that Law is a part of humanities, yet uphold the aim of empowering our students with the tools required to succeed in this noble profession.

We strongly believe that “Future empires will be the empires of the mind,” and that every student’s mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled, and at our college we hope to chisel a diamond out of each student.

With the motto of “Making Excellence a Prevailing Attitude,” since inception, our team of dedicated educators have been aiming to stretch the sphere of teaching-learning realms through structured and well devised pedagogical tools, carefully crafted curriculum, simulation and client-based teaching, to a broad base of students from Maharashtra, all over India, and foreign students particularly from Iran Afghanistan, Iraq, Ghana, Bhutan, etc

The College seeks to be an ‘Ambassador of Change’, with a futuristic vision. Imparting education is not merely a duty but a solemn responsibility, which we carry out through use of cutting edge pedagogy, to carve topnotch law professionals for tomorrow and instill high ethical standards, and self discipline.

Our teacher-facilitators have undertaken a mammoth task of not only positively contouring the entire persona of each student, but equipping them for the challenging legal profession. Humanity faces a quantum leap forward, and is encircled by technology, we face the deepest social upheaval and creative legal restructuring at several levels, by adopting a harmonious and pragmatic approach is our aim. At our institute we endeavor to balance the grass root realities with the virtual world and we attempt that under our patronage our students be infused with a strong scholastic and intellectual integrity.

We have introduced the National Service Scheme (NSS) Agarkar Smriti State Level Debate Competition, the Lokmanya Tilak National Appellate Moot Competition, the National Seminar and Judgment Analysis Competition, sports, cultural and all the other annually conducted activities to provide opportunities for excellence. We have started the publication of our law journal through our Legal Research Cell “Fiat Justitia” and participation in “Aavishkaar” Competition hosted by Savitribai Phule Pune University.

A word that is constantly tossed about in the world of education is ‘expectations.’

In my view, high academic expectations start and finish with the teacher’s belief in every student. Our teachers believe and show that belief that all students can learn, grow, and excel. Under their patronage you will be infused with a strong scholastic and personal integrity, to reach out to those lives that you touch, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

An adage you can hopefully keep in mind when you graduate through our portals:

The invisible but rock-solid bond with each student has created unremitting relationships with all our students in a short span of time. We hope to cement such a strong connection that can never be severed in the most adverse of circumstances.

A short poem by Clara Scott voices out my conviction:

"When a child is excited by the first fallen snow, let us, too, be moved by the beauty of the moment. Let the spirit of the child touch each of us so that we might appreciate the magic...again and again. Even as we teach them, let them teach us."

I earnestly wish you all the best, and hope you forge a lifelong association with the SNFLC family. I can state with conviction that the faith our students’ repose in us will not be a misplaced one, but will define us!

Dr.Rohini Honap,


DES Shri Navalmal Firodia Law College, Pune.