B.A.LL.B, B.B.A LL.B and LL.B

Objectives of Revised Curriculum:-

To reorient legal education by making provision for sufficient opportunity to the students for extensive as well as intensive study of law.

To equip the students with knowledge of law, practical application of law, analytical thinking and logical reasoning, effective communication skill.

To meet the needs of contemporary requirements of Bar, Bench and Industry in the globalised economic era.

To educate them of diverse backgrounds to become effective, ethical and expert personage who are employable in a variety of legal settings.


Master of Laws is a Post-Graduation course of Savitribai Phule Pune University. The credit system to be implemented through this curriculum, would allow students to develop a strong footing in the fundamentals and specialize in the disciplines of his/her liking and abilities. The students pursuing this course would have to develop in depth understanding of various aspects of the subject.