Deccan Education Society has always tried to be the wind for our students’ wings and help them soar high in the sky of their achievements. We heard your call; and in collaboration with Uttarapath Institute for Administrative Studies [UIAS], DES has established a centre for competitive examination to help you in your journey.

The faculty at Uttarapath is a team of passionate and experienced teachers who will guide you in your quest. The Centre provides you with a space to explore your potential. Put in your hard-work and dedication, we shape it with guidance, knowledge, strategy and skills so that our students stand out as officers in their lives.

We are conducting an entrance exam for Civil Services aspirants for the year long UPSC / MPSC Integrated Batch.

Details of the Entrance Exam :

Uttarapath has organised an entrance test to give selected students and alumni from all institutes of Deccan Education Society, an opportunity to prepare for UPSC and MPSC exams in a holistic environment and at affordable fees. Few seats have been kept open for non-DES aspirants as well.
For the information related to the fees and scholarships, download the following document :

The exam will be held on 25th July 2023.

Registration for the same will be open till 24th July 2023.

For further details call : 8856857941