Report of Internal Committee (IC)

Asst. Prof. Priya Dhanokar, Asst. Prof. Neeta Ahir

The College has constituted an Internal Committee (IC) as per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 as well as the University Grants Commission (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2015 vide Regulation 1 (4). The Constitution of the IC is as fallows;

Presiding Officer Asst. Prof. Priya Dhanokar
Faculty Member 1 Asst. Prof. Neeta Ahir
Faculty Member 2 Asst. Prof. Dr. Pratapsinh Salunke
Non Teaching Member 1 Dr. Ganga Reshmi
Non Teaching Member 2 Mr. Vikas Jadhav
Student-Undergraduation Ms. Nidhi Ranka
Student-Postgraduate Ms. Leena Khade
External Member (NGO) Mr. Prashant Kothadia

This year the committee began its functioning by educating the girls of the institution on the basic hygiene habits to be followed in the institution. The committee also ensured that, the information and the functioning of the cell is made known to each and every students in the institution. The committee have undertaken various issues and sensitized the students by organizing various lectures on various related topics. Whereby, the students were made aware of these issues which can be easily tackled by them.

This was followed by organization of a guest lecture on 17th January, 2018 for “Sensitization on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace.” Two renowned advocates specifically working in the said area were called as the Guest Speakers namely, Adv. Divya Chavan-Jachak and Adv. Deepika- Panicker. The scheme of the relevant Act and its pros and cons were highlighted by them during their lecture.

The lectures were also arranged with the association of the Deccan Education Society’s Brijlal Jindal College of Physiotherapy in regard to issues like awareness about the breast cancer and self examination of the symptoms relating to the disease were highlighted through the lecture and oral feedback as well as quires of the college students were discussed.

International Women’s Day Celebration: - An “Awareness Programme on Women Health” on account of celebrating International Women’s Day in association with Brijlal Jindal College of Physiotherapy , was organised on 8th March, 2018. In this programme, various healths related issues were addressed by the team of teachers and the students of the college of Physiotherapy.

In this way the college Internal Committee has functioned throughout the year for guiding the students regarding various issues concerning the implementation of the relevant Act along with active participation of our college students.