CE 0101 General English:

  • To acquaint the students with the nature of English language and its grammatical concepts.
  • To strengthen the students’ syntactical competence so as to bring quality and correct grammatical constructions in their writing and to train them on how to study for various purposes.

BA 0102 General Principles of Political Science:

  • To understand the basic concepts, theories and functioning of State.
  • To understand the entire gamut of Political Science and its inter-relationship with other disciplines.
  • To understand theories of State, its basic concepts and functioning of State and Government.
  • To make the students aware about the structure, organization and principles of political Parties as a vital element of democratic machinery.

BA 0103 General Principles of Economics:

  • To apply the economic reasoning to problems of society
  • To make students conversant with fundamental principles of economics

BA 0104 General Principles of Sociology:

  • To understand various ethical, moral and cultural standards and the significant role played by social institutions in regulating the behavioural patterns of individuals in every society.
  • To give an idea to the students of law the Significance of sociology in the society and its impact and relationship on law and the importance of social aspects in law making.

CE 0201 English for Law

  • To familiarize the students with the correct pronunciations of words and to acquaint them with the role of meanings of words and their interpretation in law.
  • To make the students familiar with the basic idea of law and its nature.

BA 0202 Political Theories:

  • To know the evolution and usage of concepts, ideas, theories and perspectives with reference to individual thinkers both historically and analytically in order to understand their continuity and change.
  • To understand the continuing relevance of these concepts today and explain how ideas and theory of yester years gains prominence in contemporary political theory.

BA 0203 Macro Economics, Policies and Practice:

  • To understand the basic concepts of Macro Economics
  • To study the behaviour of the economy
  • To know the macroeconomic policies to solve economic problems

BA 0204 Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology:

  • To familiarize the students with the social, political, economic and intellectual contexts in which sociology emerged as a distinctive discipline and has had a significant influence on the legislative frame work of law.
  • To understand some of the classical contributions in sociology, and their continuing relevance to its contemporary concerns.

BB 0102 Managerial Accounting:

  • To enable the students to acquire sound knowledge of basic concepts of accounting
  • To gain knowledge about recording of transaction
  • To gain knowledge about preparation of Final Account of Proprietorship and Company accounts
  • To know about accounting software and packages.

BB 0103 Principles of Management:

  • To understand fundamental knowledge about working of business organization, management process, functions and principles
  • To make students familiar with recent trends in management

BB 0104 Business Communications:

  • To make the students understand the concept, need, process and importance of communication and to acquaint them with various methods and media and recent trends in business communication
  • To develop an integrated approach where reading, writing, oral and nonverbal components are used together to enhance students’ ability to communicate effectively.
  • To inculcate business communication skills through application and exercises.

BB 0202 Organisational Behaviours:

  • To learn basic concepts of organizational behaviour, its fundamentals, scope and importance
  • To obtain knowledge about frameworks and tools to effectively analyze various organizational situations, which will help students to understand the impact that individual, group and structures have on their behaviour within the organizations.

BB 0203 Management Information System:

  • To get a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of Information System, including system analysis and design and various issues of MIS
  • To learn in depth how today’s business firms use information technologies and systems to achieve corporate objectives.

BB 0204 Principles of Marketing:

  • To gain knowledge of concepts and ideas of marketing, its general nature, scope, importance and functions.
  • To understand basic skills and their various application, all in the context of the competitive business environment.

CE 0301 Legal Language and Legal Reasoning:

  • To give the students more exposure to the nature of legal language and the issues related to it in drafting legislations and legal documents.
  • To acquaint the students with advocacy skills so much so to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and to strengthen and enhance their critical thinking.
  • To obtain knowledge about logical reasoning and its use in law to set up good arguments

BA 0302 Public Policy and Public Administration:

  • To understand the basic concepts, evolution as well as need and importance of administration
  • To focus on different approaches to study Public Administration and its various basic concepts

BA 0303 Theories of Development and Indian Economy:

  • To understand the theories of economic growth
  • To know the important sectors of the Indian Economy
  • To analyse the various issues of the Indian Economy.

BA 0304 Society in India

  • To gain a better understanding of the society and the continuity and change in Indian society.

CE 0401 Law and Literature:

  • To imbibe human values and concern among students of law through exposure to literary texts
  • To strengthen the students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by using literature and to enable the students to analyze the case laws from the perspective of language.

BA 0402 International Relations:

  • To understand the concepts and dimensions of international relations.
  • To gain understanding of the different theories with a view to highlighting the major debates and differences within the different theoretical paradigms. The dominant theories of power and the question of equity and justice, the different aspects of balance of power leading to the present situation of a unipolar world are included.
  • To understand various aspects of conflict and conflict resolution through collective security and the role of United Nations.

BA 0403 Law and Economics:

  • To understand the relationship between Law and Economics
  • To know the significance of Economics in Law
  • To understand the impact of Economics on Law.

BA 0404 Social Research Methods:

  • To understand the research process and techniques of data collection in social research
  • To acquaint the students with the quantitative and qualitative strategies of research.
  • To gain knowledge scientific method to understand social reality and social phenomena.

BB 0302 Basics of Finance:

  • To learn and apply concepts and techniques of Basics of Finance.
  • To apply Finance concepts and techniques in day to day decision making process and capital expenditure decisions by a manager.
  • To get familiar with legal aspects of Finance.
  • To apply financial concepts and tools to the financing decisions and dividend decisions faced by the firm.
  • To appraise the risk profile of firms; specifically, estimate the costs of capital, including debt and equity capital, using financial data

BB 0303 Managerial Economics:

  • To expose students to basic micro economic concepts
  • To apply economic analysis in the formulation of business policies
  • To use economic reasoning to problems of business.

BB 0304 Business Ethics and Corporate Governance:

  • To equip the students with the concept and relevance of Business Ethics in the modern era.
  • The students will be able to apply general ethical principles to particular cases or practices in business.

BB 0402 Human Resource Management:

  • To understand the functioning of Human Resource Management in an organizational setting.
  • To gain knowledge of the legal framework of Human Resource.

BB 0403 Case Studies in Business Environment:

  • To familiarize the students with the business environment conditions prevailing in India and international and understand its implications to business through case method method. Students are expected to read the case in advance, analyze it, reach a conclusion, and then come to class prepared to join with their classmates.

BB 0404 Business Research Methods:

  • To equip the students with the process of Business Research, its importance and relevance to organizations and introduce the latest developments and progress in the field.
  • To enable students to plan, design and earn out business research using scientific methods and prepare research report(s) / paper (s).

LC 0501 Legal and Constitutional History:

  • To introduce the growth of Administrative, Judicial and Legislative institutions in Colonial India, which will help students to get an appropriate insight of the present legal system.

LC 0502 Family Law I:

  • To enable the students to view family law not merely as a separate system of personal laws based upon religious beliefs, but as one cutting across religious lines, eventually enabling fulfilment of the Constitutional directive of Uniform Civil Code.

LC 0503 Law of Contract I:

  • To acquaint a student with the general conceptual and practical principles of contract, rules for formation of contract, performance, and enforcement of contract remedies.

LC 0504 Law of Crimes:

  • To familiarize students with the principles of criminal liability and other concepts of substantive criminal law along with relevant case laws.
  • To enable them to articulate informed opinion over important controversial issues in criminal law.

LO 0506 Equity and Trust Law:

  • To enable the students to acquire knowledge of law on private and public trust and also the principles of equity.

LO 0509 Intellectual Property Rights I:

  • To familiarize the students with Concept, nature, characteristics and internationalization of Intellectual Property.
  • To study of important international instruments in the field of Intellectual Property with more emphasis on TRIPS agreement and the current issues.

LC 0601 Constitutional Law I:

  • To acquaint students with the basic principles of Constitution and Constitutionalism - the reason and justification of the growth of Fundamental Rights, the operation of Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles in India.

LC 0602 Family Law II:

  • To analyse and understand similarities and differences across the personal law systems, and to appreciate these differences in the context of development of these laws.
  • Student should be able to view family law not merely as a separate system of personal laws based upon religions but as the one cutting across the religious lines and eventually enabling us to fulfill the constitutional directive of uniform civil code.

LC 0603 Law of Contract II:

  • To enable a good understanding of the purposes with which each of these transactions is made, the features of each of these transactions, and the rights and liabilities of the parties to them as well as remedies provided in these laws.

LC 0604 Tort and Consumer Protection Law:

  • To enable study of the general principles of tortious liability and its difference from criminal and contractual liability. The course covers specific torts, and remedies available for their Redressal, as well as relevant provisions under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, and the principles of liability in case of accidents under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

LO 0606 Banking and Insurance Law:

  • To get insights into the principles of insurance as applied in such contracts, the need and nature of regulation of insurance, and a brief study of types of insurance and their features.

LO 0609 Intellectual Property Rights II:

  • To acquaint the students with the laws for the protection of various intellectual properties and how the international instruments implemented in India.
  • To imbibe the students with current issues in the field of Intellectual Property at National Level.

LC 0701 Constitutional Law II:

  • To acquaint the students with the Federal principles of Indian Constitution and the powers, functions and structures of various Constitutional bodies, to be studied in the social, economic and political context in which the constitution operates.

LC 0702 Property Law and Easement:

  • To enable the students to appreciate the fundamental principles, features, rights and liabilities of parties and the consequences of specific transactions affecting immovable property. The topic of actionable claims is very relevant in the modern business environment and financing models. The course also covers law relating to easements and licenses.

LC 0703 Public International Law:

  • To understand the interdependence of the countries and how they are constantly addressing the global issues through peaceful measures.

LP 0704 Practical Training Paper I - Professional Ethics and Contempt of Court Law:

  • To acquaint the students as to (a) legal profession in India during - ancient, medieval and modern period, (b) professional ethics or duties, (c) the provisions of the Advocate Act, 1961, and (d) the provisions of the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971.
  • To provide or to enhance the practical knowledge of the students and to acquaint them with the link between theory and practice.

LO 0705 Comparative Constitutions:

  • To acquaint the students with scope and significance of comparative study of the constitutional law from the point of view of its making and it’s contemporary working.
  • To enable the students to appreciate the constitutional developments from the national and international perspectives. It takes in its fold the basic principles of interpretation of Constitution.
  • To enhance the comprehension of Constitutional law as a branch of public law.

LO 0709 Private International Law:

  • To help every student interested in developing civil and commercial practice relating to cross border issues involving contracts, property, succession, marriage, divorce, and adoption.
  • To give an international and comparative perspective to the study of different laws required in practice of civil law.

LC 0801 Labour and Industrial Law:

  • To understand the rights and obligations of workers, union members and employers in the work place.
  • To appreciate the scope and ambit of these laws is very wide and is touching the lives of millions of people in the country.

LC 0802 Jurisprudence:

  • To develop an analytical approach to understand the nature of law and the development of legal system.
  • To gain knowledge of several of the major preoccupations of legal theory.
  • To understand basic legal concepts like Rights, Person, Property, Title, Possession, Ownership, Liability, Obligation which are basic to the study of Law.

LC 0803 Law of Evidence

  • To equip the students with knowledge of: (a) the fundamental principles of evidence law, (b) the strict application of it in judicial proceedings, (c) the role of evidence law in civil and criminal proceedings, (d) the connection of the course with substantive and other procedural laws, and (e) the relevance of the course in non-litigation practice.
  • The student will also be exposed to the concerned provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

LP 0804 Practical Training Paper II - Alternative Dispute Resolution System:

  • To acquaint the students with the knowledge of various modes of Alternate Dispute Resolution System (ADR).
  • To understand practically the various methods of resolving disputes under ADR system, so that they can help their clients and society to select and employ the most effective, just and humane methods.
  • To gain knowledge about the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987 and few international perspectives and enforcement of foreign awards.

LO 0806 Competition Law:

  • To understand the basics of Competition Law in India through a comparison of the main jurisdictions (especially USA, UK and EU) and thus provide a solid background for further studies on this subject.
  • To examine and compare the application of competition law to business agreements, the exercise of dominant position, the combinations between the firms and sellers and the enforcement mechanisms.

LO 0808 Civil Minor Acts:

  • To gain knowledge with respect to Interest, Civil Courts, Suits Valuation, Court Fees, Registration of documents, Stamp duties and Negotiable Instruments.

LC 0901 Civil Procedure Code:

  • To obtain thorough knowledge of procedural law especially related to working of civil courts and other adjudicating authorities.

LC 0902 Interpretation of Statutes:

  • To acquaint the students with basic principles of interpretation of statute. It focuses on general and specific rules of interpretation of statutes. It also prescribes the guidelines on interpretation of remedial, penal and taxing statutes. It provides for internal and external aids for interpretation of statutes. It also contains the rules regulating commencement, operation and repeal of statutes. It prescribes the principles for interpretation of Constitutional document.

LC 0903 Environmental Law:

  • To create awareness among the students about the legislative measures for protection of environment and spirit of Indian Constitution for protection of environment.
  • To understand the activist role played by Indian Judiciary in protection of environment and evolution of different principles such as polluter pay principle, precautionary principle, inter-generational equity and sustainable development. the students would be familiar with the overall environmental legal regime of the country as well as its international obligations.
  • To equip the students with basic knowledge and skills to understand Environmental Law issues.

LP 0904 Practical Training Paper III - Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance:

  • To acquaint the students with basic principles as to the skill of drafting of various types of Applications, Petitions, Notices, Plaints, Written Statements, etc.
  • To help the students to understand application of substantive and procedural laws in drafting, pleading and conveyance.

LO 0906 Principles of Taxation Law:

  • To acquaint the students with basic principles of taxation. It highlights the important principles of computation of income. It provides important tenets of calculation of income of natural and legal person. It also prescribes for powers and functions of various authorities under Income Tax Act. It provides the important features of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act and Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act.

LO 0908 Land Laws I:

  • To acquaint the students about laws that govern the use and dealing with land and buildings, and regulation and control of activities concerning land. This course deals with laws that mainly affect urban properties, their development and dealings.
  • With a sound background of law of transfer of property, this course equips the student with all other laws that affect use and dealings of land, and activities that enable its best use.

LC 1001 Criminal Procedure Code:

  • To gain knowledge of how the pre-trial, trial and the subsequent process are geared up to make the administration of criminal justice effective.
  • To acquaint the students with organisation of the functionaries under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, their powers and functions.
  • To familiarize the students with the case papers like, FIR, Police statement, charge sheet, etc.

LC 1002 Administrative Law:

  • To understand the structure, governance, organization, powers and function or public authorities in India.
  • The students will also be able to understand (a) concepts and principles governing administrative law, (b) appreciate role, powers and functions of administrative organs, and (c) appreciate recent development of administrative law.

LC 1003 Company Law:

  • Modern business ventures require knowledge of company law. There have been considerable changes in company law over last few years. These Changes have put more responsibility on the shoulder of Directors. A company has to comply with lot of procedures as covered under the Companies Act, 2013, Listing agreement, the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992 and regulations. Moreover, corporate Governance is now actively being implemented in various corporate houses. Law students are expected to study these changes thoroughly and minutely. The Company Act, 2013 seems to strengthen the Corporate Governance. This course provides study of company law in detail which is essential for budding lawyers.

LP 1004 Practical Training Paper IV - Moot Court Exercise and Internship:

  • To conduct the activities / exercises of (a) Moot court exercises, (b) Observance of trials, and (c) Pre-trial preparations. The objectives of the course is to acquaint the students about – (a) court working and its procedure, (b) application substantive and procedural law to given facts, (c) court manners and discipline, (d) conversance with interview techniques and pre-trial preparations, (e) developing skills of arguments and presentation, and (f) learning skills of analysis and arrangement of facts.

LO 1006 Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law:

  • To give the students an overview of the IBC, 2016 that not only opens opportunities for specialized practice in this area, but also in the course of transacting, and due diligence investigation. The student will apprise of the Insolvency resolution process, the distinction between Insolvency and Bankruptcy, the function of regulation in this area, the functioning of various authorities.

LO 1008 Land Laws II:

  • To understand different laws that affect use and dealings of land, and activities that enable its best use. Agricultural land is subject to such control and regulation as would enable its most effective and efficient use. Although much of course content involves laws in force in the State of Maharashtra, the principles governing these laws are common across laws on the subjects in other states.